Curvaceous Mirror

                                                           Curvaceous Mirror  $6.50

1/4 scale Bergere sofa and chair

                             Bergere type sofa  kit $13.  Bergere chair kit $12. Fabric not included.      

Bench kit $7.50 Fabric included but not the one pictured.

Suzane Herget's Tufted head board kit $20. Let me know what color fabric you want. Can be tufted or not
                                              Wall hanging kit $5.00 tassels included  1"x 1/18"
                                                        1/4" scale  Plant stand kit $10.00
 Sofa kit $18. Chair kit $17. Fabric included. Other choices available. Not for beginners
                                                   Fainting sofa kit. $18 Other colors available
                                                    Regency sofa kit. $18 Other colors available